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Mayor Eric Adams Signs New Bill Allowing NYC Nightclubs To Provide Free Anti-Overdose Kits!

Cousins! In continuous efforts of cracking down on the fatal opioid epidemic, Mayor Eric Adams has signed a new bill into legislation! According to Pix 11 news, New York City will now offer free Narcan kits to nightclubs. The bill was signed on Wednesday by Mayor Adams that’ll allow the Department of Health and Mental […]

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New York City To Launch 24/7 Speed Cameras Beginning Aug. 1st!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Law officials in New York City are turning up the heat in the streets with a newly proposed system of setting up 24 hour around the clock speed cameras! According to NBC New York , the city is preparing to turn on the already planted 2,000+ cameras on Monday, August 1st. It has […]

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Law And Order Crew Member Shot To Death On Brooklyn Set!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! A parking enforcement worker was tragically shot to death while working on a Brooklyn set of ‘Law and Order: Organized : Crime’ ! The fatal incident took place early Tuesday morning around 5AM prior to production; near the North Henry Street area in Greenpoint. According to NBC News the unidentified gunman wearing a […]

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Miami Officer Investigated For Telling Black Driver: ‘This Is How You Guys Get Killed Out Here’

-Jasmine Dyer- Cousins! A Miami-Dade police officer has been placed on desk duty after he was captured on camera telling a black driver, “this is how you guys get killed out here” during a traffic stop.  The incident occurred in June North Miami Beach while the motorist, Gerardson Nicolas, was driving to work. According to […]

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Google Announces That They Will Delete Location History For Anyone Who Visits An Abortion Clinic; Following The Overturn Of Roe V. Wade!

-Eldica Stuart- Cousins! In Technology news, a week after overturning Roe v. Wade new abortion law, Google has stated that they will delete search entries from a person’s location history if they “Google”search a site of an abortion clinic.! Legislators and the public have been on strike about the overturning since the decision was made […]

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Body Camera Footage Details Tragic Murder Of Jayland Walker!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Official body camera footage from the inhumane murder of Jayland Walker at the hands of 8 Akron , Ohio police officers has been released! According to CBS News, footage was released to the public on Sunday, providing intricate details of the horrific traffic stop turned fatal. As we previously reported officers had attempted […]

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2 Virginia Men Arrested After Hacking Gas Pump Selling Fuel To Drivers At Half Price; Purchasers Could Receive Charges Also!

-Jasmine Dyer- Cousins! Gas prices are getting out of hand as they reach over $5 per gallon in various states. The major changes in pricing has led people to discover different ways to combat the high gas rates; however others managed to cheat prices altogether! Virginia Beach police have recently arrested Norfolk residents Rashane Griffin, […]

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Jabs For Jobs: Mayor Eric Adams Administration Offers To Rehire 600 Unvaccinated NYC Government Workers As Long As They Get Their Shots This Month!

-Eldica StEwart- Cousins! With COVID remaining on the rise, many companies are facing an alarming and noticeable shortage of staff! Current mayor of New York City Eric Adams, alongside his administration have fired a total of 1,531 city workers between the months of February and March for not complying to the vaccine mandate. It appears […]

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Texas Judge Prohibits State From Investigating Families With Transgender Children!

-Natalee Gilbert- Cousins! A Texas-based judge has prohibited the sunny state from investigating families that have transgender children! Therefore, the aforementioned minors cannot be questioned if they are under gender-confirming medical care. Should the police force disregard this new law, it’ll be considered child abuse. NPR reports that Judge Jan Soifer pushed out this temporary […]

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Officials Are Expected to Decide on New Covid-19 Vaccines in Early July!

-Avier wanjou brass- Cousins! Officials are preparing to decide on the new Covid-19 vaccine design that offers the best protection for upcoming fall and winter sessions. In early July, Federal regulators will review data from the vaccine companies about the new vaccines they are testing. Then the FDA will decide on which vaccine companies to […]

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Wounded Teacher Speaks On Texas Elementary Shooting That Claimed The Lives Of All 11 Of His Students, Feels The Police Abandoned Them!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! A wounded Robb elementary school teacher is speaking out as he mourns the death of all 11 of his students while calling out police officials response to the nearly hour and half tragedy! Appearing in an exclusive interview with ABC news, Arnulfo Reyes recalls the fatal day in his classroom where both him […]

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Virginia Mom Files Lawsuit Against Biracial Son’s School Over Critical Race Theory Curriculum, “He’s Seeing Himself Just As A Black Man. He’s Seeing Things That Don’t Go His Way As Racism”

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! A Virginia state mom has taken legal action against her 13 year old son’s school as she blames a critical race theory curriculum has influenced a drastic change in his overall behavior! On Monday Charlottesville area resident Melissa Riley appeared on the Jesse Watters Primetime show to further discuss the changes her biracial […]

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Yelp, Citi, Apple And Other Companies Expand Benefits For Employees To Cover Abortion Care!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! In efforts of taking action towards abortion care, numerous big name brands have began expanding benefits for their employees! Companies like Yelp, Citi, Apple, and much more are showing solidarity with those affected by fixated abortion laws.  As of recently, Yelp announced “it will cover costs for employees and their spouses who […]

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Michigan Officer Placed On Paid Leave After Fatally Shooting Unarmed Black Male During A Traffic Stop; Parents State, “Cop Killed Him ‘Like An Animal’

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! The Father of Patrick Lyoya, who was fatally shot and killed by a police officer, speaks out following his son’s tragic death! The family of Lyoya is demanding the officer responsible for fatally shooting the 26-year-old to be fired and prosecuted. They explain Patrick was killed “like an animal” during a traffic […]

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Yikes! Two Men Charged After Being Caught With Enough Fentanyl To Kill An Estimated 4.7 Million People!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Couins! With the biggest drug bust in the last 16 years, two men have been charged after being caught in possession of enough fentanyl to kill 4.7 million people! According to CBS News, on March 17, police officials pulled over a minivan leaving Buena Park only to make an absolutely shocking discovery. Officers […]

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Amazon Flex Drivers Sue Company For $350 Million After Being Shot On The Jon, Says They Weren’t Provided Reflective Safety Vest!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! A pair of Amazon Flex drivers have forwarded a hefty lawsuit following a tragic shooting incident that has left them both traumatized and one paralyzed! According to Fox News Atlanta, attorneys for both Georgia drivers Lawyer Denson and Eduardo Gutierrez argue that Amazon did a poor job of protecting them. As neither of […]

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California Residents Could Get $400 Under New Gas Tax Rebate Proposal!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! Gas prices are skyrocketing across the nation, but lawmakers are proposing a plan that will give back to California residents! In a recently issued announcement, California lawmakers have proposed a $400 gas rebate for every state taxpayer because of the increasing gas prices.  According to NBC BayArea, “Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Irvine) and […]

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams Pushes For Turnstile Jumpers To Be Prosecuted Again!

-Tamara’Shanay’ Cousins! New York City Mayor Eric Adams is currently advocating for district attorneys to go back to the drawing board and find ways to hold folks accountable for skipping out on subway fares by jumping the turnstile! During a recently held press conference in the Bronx amongst NYPD leadership officials, Mayor Adams responded to […]

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Woman That Announced On Twitter She Was Driving 60 MPH Over The Speed Limit, Charged With Third Degree Murder After Reportedly Causing Fatal Crash That Killed 2 State Troopers!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! The senseless story of a 21 year old woman that is seemingly well known for celebrating drinking and driving on social media, is currently trending as she faces murder charges for allegedly causing a fatal accident that has left 1 pedestrian and 2 state troopers dead! Jayana Tanae Webb, 21 is currently facing […]

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President Biden Pushes For Folks To Return To The Office And End Remote Work!!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! President Joe Biden has been applying major pressure these last few weeks as he pushes for folks to make an official return to the office and an immediate end to remote work! According to Yahoo News, Biden believes that in order for society to move on from the pandemic white collars workers need […]

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House Passes Bill Officially Making Lynching A Federal Hate Crime!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! As of Monday afternoon the House has officially passed a long overdue bill into legislation, making the inhumane act of lynching a now federal hate crime! According to The Hill, the bill has been named in honor of the late Emmett Till; a 14 year old child that was tragically lynched in 1955. […]

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams Conducts Late Night Meeting With Drill Rappers To Discuss Solutions Against Violence!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! In initiative of addressing the exceeding rates of violence in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams has recently sat down with artists such as Maine O , Fivio Foreign and more to discuss how to establish a much needed change! In a video posted to Maine O’s Instagram he says, “There’s been a […]

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Biden Administration Proposes $30 Million Dollar Grant Program Set To Hand Out Crack Pipes To Prevent Infection + Promote Racial Equity!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! The Biden administration is reportedly proposing a $30 million grant aiming to prevent infection and promote racial equity with the creation of programs set to hand out crack pipes! According to the Daily Mail, the Biden administration is seeking f to distribute funds to local governments and nonprofit programs to help make drug […]

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The Department of Justice Declines to Reopen the Investigation into Tamir Rice Tragic Death!

-Avier Wanjou- Brass- Cousins! Its been 8 years since the tragic murder of Tamir Rice at the hands of local Cleveland officials, and sadly neither him nor his family have received the justice they rightfully deserve! Tamir was only 12-years-old at the time when he was shot to death by Police, outside a recreation center, […]

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2 Long Island, New York Healthcare Officials Arrested In $1.5 Million Dollar Fake Covid Vaccination Cards Scheme!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! The jig is officially up for two Long Island healthcare workers after being busted in a fake covid vaccination card scheme that helped them stack up over $1.5 million dollars in cash! Nurse Practitioner Julie DeVuono, 49 and Practical Nurse Marissa Urraro, 44 had the game on lock allegedly selling fake vaccination cards […]

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Whole Foods Argues That It Is Their Constitutional Right To Ban Employees From Wearing BLM Masks!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Whole Foods is currently arguing that the federal government is attempting to violate their constitutional rights from blocking their employees from wearing Black Lives Matter masks at work! According to BET News, the supermarket chain was hit with a complaint from the National Labor Relations Board’s ( NLRB ) accusing them of directly […]

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Manhattan Makes History Voting For Their Very First Black District Attorney Into Office!

-Angelot Ndongmo- Cousins! Black man magic in Manhattan was on full display, as Civil rights lawyer and former federal prosecutor, Alvin Bragg became the very first black district attorney! The NY Post reports the 48-year-old won the borough easily, gliding over Republican challenger Thomas Kenniff to clinch the top spot with about 84 percent of […]

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Demand For Counterfeit Vaccination Cards Rises As Omicron Continues To Spread!

-Angelot Ndongmo- Cousins! Looks like fake vaccine cards are the new bag. The demand for these counterfeit cards have surged almost as fast as the Omicron variant! NPR reports the FBI has stated “unauthorized use of an official government agency’s seal can be punished with a fine or up to five years in prison.” They […]

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President Biden Calls Out Donald Trump Following One Year Anniversary Of Capitol Invasion!

-Tamara-Shanay- Cousins! Cousins! President Biden had a few things to get off of his chest following today’s one year travesty of Donald Trump’s supporters storming the U.S Capitol! Biden took to Twitter early this morning to state, “Last year, for the first time in our history, a president who just lost an election tried to […]

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NY Gov. Hochul Announces The Return Of Alcoholic To-Go Drinks From Bars And Restaurants!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has officially announced the return of everyone’s favorite part of the pandemic ( US INCLUDED 🥴) to-go drinks! The announcement was made within the State of Address where Kathy explained that restaurants and bars will be granted an allowance to sell alcoholic beverages to-go, reports NY Post. […]