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We Love To See It: MTA Set To Offer Free Metrocards For Students In Kindergarten Through 12th Grade!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is kicking off the school year providing a free means of transportation for the kiddies and we love that for them! According to News 12, the department of education is currently offering free metro-cards to students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade. The issued metro-card will be valid from […]

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NYC Snow Days Canceled For Current School Year; Officials State They Will Go Virtual During Bad Weather!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! The school year has officially begun and it’s kicking off with some new changes for the students of NYC as snow days have been taken off the table! According to the NY Post, Chancellor David Banks said on Tuesday instead of kids enjoying a day at home due to the inclement weather, they […]

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University President Accused Of Defaming Missouri HBCU By Calling It A ‘Regional Institution’

-Jasmine Dyer- Cousins! Lincoln University (LU), a historically Black college and university in Jefferson City, Missouri, is currently at the center of a debatable topic: Should HBCUs welcome other “university identities?”  The topic of discussion stemmed from an interview between the university’s president, John Moseley–who is white, and the Jefferson City News Tribune.  LU has […]

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Got Milk? Or Got Sealant?: 12 Alaska Elementary Students Served Floor Sealant Instead Of Milk; Staff State It Was An Accident!

-Eldica StEwart- Cousins! Around a dozen elementary students alongside two adults, experienced being served floor sealant instead of milk at a daycare Summer program in Alaska! The incident happened at a daycare program named Sit’ Eeti Shaanax-Glacier Valley in Junaeu, Alaska, as several students complained of having a burning sensation in their mouth and throats. […]

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Colorado Mom Calls Out Daughter’s Former Middle School After Discovering She Was Secretly Invited To Join A LGBTQ+ Club!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! A Colorado mom has put her daughter’s former middle school on blast, claiming they invited her to a secret LGBTQ+ club! Erin Lee has called out a middle school for creating a private LGBTQ+ club and talking to students about LGBTQ+-related issues. She claims her daughter was invited to the Genders & […]

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Bus Driver Drops 7 Year Old Student At At Wrong Stop AndTells Him To Walk The Rest Of The Way Home!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Footage of a 7 year old overcoming tears as he was dropped off at the wrong stop and instructed to walk home by a substitute bus driver is currently circulating! According to CBS News, it was nearly 98 degrees in Omaha, Nebraska when Quinci, 7 was put out at the wrong stop. Initially […]

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Kindergarten Student Brought Jose Cuervo Tequila Mix To School And Shared With 4 Other Children!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Parents and school officials of Grand River Academy in Michigan received a shock of a lifetime recently after a kindergarten student brought ‘Adult Lemonade” to class and shared it amongst a total of four other children! According to NBC News, a child brought the small plastic bottle described as a, “pre mixed, singe-serve […]

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Oh No! Texas Teacher Resigns After Lighting Students Hand On Fire in Science Experiment!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! A Texas teacher has officially resigned after a science experiment involving fire and hand sanitizer led to a student having 3rd-degree burns! According to USA Today, the incident took place at Granbury middle school as a 37-year-old teacher placed hand sanitizer on a student’s hands and ultimately set them on fire. The […]

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Former Yale Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing $40 Million In Electronics From University!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! A former Yale employee stole $40 million in electronics for nearly a decade and it finally caught up with her! Jaime Petrone, a former Yale administrator, is in serious trouble after she swindled millions out of the university. Recently, Petrone pleaded guilty in federal court in Hartford, Connecticut to two counts of […]

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President Biden Pushes For Folks To Return To The Office And End Remote Work!!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! President Joe Biden has been applying major pressure these last few weeks as he pushes for folks to make an official return to the office and an immediate end to remote work! According to Yahoo News, Biden believes that in order for society to move on from the pandemic white collars workers need […]

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More Than A Dozen HBCUs Receive Bomb Threats On The First Day Of Black History Month!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! We regret to report that a total of 13 Historically Black Colleges and Universities received bomb threats today, forcing immediate lock downs and postponing of classes on the very first day of Black History Month! CNN reports the list of HBCU‘s that received threats were Mississippi Valley State University, Jackson State University, Morgan […]

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Responds To Teachers & Students Outcry For Remote Learning Following Record Low Attendance “The Safest Place For Our Children To Be Is In School”

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Students alongside school officials from numerous cities and states have been extremely vocal of their wants for remote learning following circulation of the Omicron variant. However the average state official is doing anything but budging at the thought of it! According to NBC News New York, Mayor Eric Adams has recently stated that […]

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NY School District Issues An Apology Following An Offensive Spanish Homework Assignment, Parents Are Referring To As Racist!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! Parents of Williamsville Central School District have been left in complete shock and outrage following the issuing of an offensive Spanish homework assignment they’ve deemed as racist! According to CNN news, sixth grade students recently received an assignment from their Spanish class, where they advised to translate various sentences from English into Spanish. […]

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Medical Schools Notice An Increase In Enrollment Amongst Black Students!

-Avier Wanjou Brass- Cousins! Across the nation, there has been an increase of Black students pursuing medical physician careers, and medical schools are taking notice!  According to Blavity, enrollment has increased by 21%, a record incline since 2020. “We have never seen such an increase within a short amount of time,” Norma Poll-Hunter, Leader of […]

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12 Oakland Schools Close After Teachers Stage “Sick-Out” Demanding Updated Covid-19 Pandemic Safety Measures!

-Brittany Hennis- Cousins! Welcome to the new normal! A few teachers in Oakland were not playing regarding their safety and the safety of their students regarding COVID 19. Blavity reports that The Oakland Unified School District had nearly 500 teachers not come in on Friday, forcing 12 schools, 9 more high schools, 2 middle schools, […]

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Barbie Honors Journalist And Activist, Ida B. Wells For Inspiring Women Series, Doll Launch!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! Activist Ida B. Wells used her voice to report the lynching against Black men in the south. Being one of the early leaders of the civil rights movement, it is only right Mattel pays tribute to the life and legacy of the journalist! As reported by ABC News, the toy company plans […]

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Black Girl Magic! College Students hand out over 300 Black Baby Dolls as Christmas Presents to Provide Confidence and Self-Esteem!

-Avier Wanjou Brass- Cousins! Here is a story that we know will melt your heart and it involves making a huge difference! Around 300 young girls in Virginia will receive a gift of a Black baby doll on Christmas, thanks to college students who want the dolls to be viewed as more than just a […]

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Aspiring Veterinarian Technician Shot And Killed By Dad In Murder-Suicide!

-Tamara’SHanay- Cousins! An alleged domestic dispute escalated with a father from South Carolina, emptying bullets into his adult daughter and his wife, then taking his own life in an apparent murder-suicide. NY Daily News reports that the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office stated, they believe the fatal incident took place early Sunday. The wife, Laquanda took […]

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Officials Currently Searching For Parents Of Michigan School Shooting Set To Be Arranged On Charges Of Manslaughter!

-TAMara’Shanay- Cousins! Within a recently held news briefing Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald reveals that charges are set to be filed against both parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley! According to ABC news the Oxford High School mass shooter killed four students and injured 7 others including a teacher. Reports read that Jennifer and […]

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Parents Of Students Sue School District After They Were Suspended For Their “Start Slavery Again” Petition!

-Angelot Ndongmo- Cousins! Whew chile, you better have a seat for this one. Four parents, whose children attend Park Hill South High School, are suing the school district in Kansas City. They claim their child’s civil rights were violated, after getting suspended for their ‘Start Slavery Again’ petition! Local 12 reports, the parents feel the […]

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Stand For Izzy: 10-Year-Old Girl Dies From Suicide After Receiving Harassment From Classmates!

-Avier Wanjou Brass- Cousins! This does not sit well with us, and we are sure it will not sit well with you either, please bare yourselves because this is a touchy story, with a definite trigger warning! At the age of 10, Isabella “Izzy” Faith Tichenor, committed suicide from being “belittled and bullied” at Foxboro […]

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New Jersey High-School Football Team Has Playoff Game Cancelled After Hazing Allegations Surface!

-Brittany Hennis- Cousins! One of the many top New Jersey high school’s Wall Township High School, had to cancel their playoff game due to recent allegations of hazing and sexual assault! CBS, reports that the hazing allegations have led to the suspension of some high school employees. According to a letter by superintendent Dr. Tracy […]

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Middle School Teacher Removed From Classroom After Teaching Her Students Trump Is Still President!

-Angelot Ndongmo- Cousins! A California teacher was relieved of her middle school duties once it was discovered she taught her students Trump is still the President! YAHOO reports the history teacher didn’t stop there. She was in full swing, molding the young minds she taught, and telling them “Hunter Biden, for example, is doing deals […]

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NYC Teacher Arrested For Reportedly Kissing A 13 Year Old Boy On School Grounds!

Cousins! A Brooklyn, New York teacher has been arrested after allegedly kissing a 13 year old student on the lips while at school! Michael D’Anna, 41 of PS IS 30 in Bay Ridge was reportedly caught by the school’s assistant principal in the act, reports the New York Post. Sources state that Michael has been […]

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Cost Of College Tuition Reportedly Increased By 169% Since 1980!

-Brittany Hennis- Cousins! The cost of living keeps rising and clearly so does the cost of college! The cost of college in America has risen by 169% says Tech-gate. Since 1980, salaries for recent college graduates ages 22 to 27 have not come close to keeping up the pace in the same period, only climbing […]

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Howard University Students Continue Protests Following Claims Of Roaches, Rats and Mold!

-Brittany Hennis- Cousins!  Students of Howard university are still going strong in protests advocating for changes to the Blackburn campus dorm life following claims of  poor living standards! Fox 5 news confirms that the protest for these changes have entered week 2 and students can be seen camped out in tents on campus in front of the Blackburn dorms; the […]

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Kentucky High-School Staff Under Investigation After Posted Photos Show Student Giving Faculty Members Lap Dances!

Cousins! Eastern Kentucky Hazard High School has been making headlines all week following photographs of indicated inappropriate behavior within categorized “traditions” posted to their Facebook page! On Tuesday evening photos were posted on the high school’s athletic department Facebook page of students participating in a “Man Pageant” and “Costume Day” for homecoming. Despite numerous individuals […]

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Morehouse and Spelman To Receive Black Entrepreneurship Grant from Mastercard!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! The newly launched initiative will create campus centers to help support black entrepreneurship! Mastercard recently announced that it would give 5 million in grants to Morehouse and Spelman College to help the universities develop Black entrepreneurship centers. According to The Grio, the initiative is part of the 2020 pledge to invest 500 million to help close […]

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Back-To-School: Covid Super Spreader Class Sessions Caused The Swift Shutdown of Sixty Classrooms In First 2 Days Across NYC Public Schools!

-Angelot Ndongm- Cousins! The grim reality is that well over 800 students and staff members tested positive for COVID-19 throughout many NYC Public Schools by the end of the first week! COVID-19 kicked many classroom doors closed, infecting many students (487) and staff (325) in its path, reads confirmed data reports from the Department of […]

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New Law Allows Illinois Students 5 Mental Health Days Throughout The School Year Beginning 2022!

Cousins! The state of Illinois is doing right by the kiddies following news that students from first grade through high school will be allowed 5 excused absences in the name of Mental Health! The new law was signed in August by Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker following exceeding reports that students were being exposed to heavy […]