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Woman That Announced On Twitter She Was Driving 60 MPH Over The Speed Limit, Charged With Third Degree Murder After Reportedly Causing Fatal Crash That Killed 2 State Troopers!



The senseless story of a 21 year old woman that is seemingly well known for celebrating drinking and driving on social media, is currently trending as she faces murder charges for allegedly causing a fatal accident that has left 1 pedestrian and 2 state troopers dead!

Jayana Tanae Webb, 21 is currently facing a mountain of charges including three counts of third-degree murder, three counts of homicide by a vehicle while driving under the influence, and two counts of second-degree manslaughter of a law enforcement officer reports Fox 29 news.

Sources confirm that Jayana had been under the influence at the time of the incident as she was behind the wheel of an SUV when she tragically struck both state troopers Martin F. Mack, 33 and Branden T. Sisca, 29. It has been stated that the men were in the midst of assisting Reyes Rivera Oliveras, 28 on the I-95 highway in Philadelphia.

The state troopers had been responding to calls that Reyes was walking near the southbound side of the highway within the passing lane. As they were escorting him back to the patrol vehicle that’s when Jayana struck all three men with her car.

Officials confirm that State police officers era had conducted a traffic stop involving Jayana prior to the crash but had let her go as they received calls about a pedestrian walking on the I-95 highway.

Due to the severity of the impact, all three men flew over the median and into the northbound lanes of the highway. It has been stated that due to the severity of their injuries all three men were pronounced dead at the scene. Jayana was arrested with a confirmed blood alcohol content level of more than twice the legal limit.

The 21 year old’s social media accounts are currently under investigation following reports that she often boasted about being the “best drunk driver” or statements in regards to drinking and driving.

It has also been stated that prior to the incident Jayana tweeted that she was going exactly 60MPH over the speeding limit.

We are praying for all parties involved. Four families lost their loved ones due to this incident, Jayana’s included.

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