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Yelp, Citi, Apple And Other Companies Expand Benefits For Employees To Cover Abortion Care!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


In efforts of taking action towards abortion care, numerous big name brands have began expanding benefits for their employees!

Companies like Yelp, Citi, Apple, and much more are showing solidarity with those affected by fixated abortion laws. 

As of recently, Yelp announced “it will cover costs for employees and their spouses who must travel out of state to access abortion care, the New York Times reports, in response to the Texas law that bans the procedure, after about six weeks of pregnancy.” 

According to CNBC, Yelp employees must submit travel receipts to their health insurance company to receive full reimbursement. “ So no one else at Yelp is ever going to know who is accessing this, or how or when,” Miriam Warren, the company’s chief diversity officer, told the Times.”

Yelp has a total of  4,000 employees with  200 of them working in Texas. However it has been said that  the benefits will expand to those in other states with restricted abortion access also.

Yelp’s new policy change comes after Citigroup confirmed that they will now cover expenses, such as airfare and lodging, for employees in places like Texas who must travel to receive an abortion, Bloomberg reports.

Citigroup has roughly over 65,000 U.S. employees, with 800 living in Texas. Also, Apple, with a growing appearence in Austin, has confirmed their health insurance provider will cover travel and medical costs for employees to obtain an abortion.

Other companies like Uber and Lyft  have now offered to pay legal fees for drivers sued for aiding or abetting an abortion under the law, and Bumble and Match Group’s CEO set up relief funds for people seeking abortions in the state. Other businesses such as Salesforce, state they “have gone so far as to offer to relocate employees living in states with abortion bans.” 

It is really considerate that they are offering these benefits to their employees. Hopefully, everyone can follow suit. Cousins, what are your thoughts?

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