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Body Camera Footage Details Tragic Murder Of Jayland Walker!



Official body camera footage from the inhumane murder of Jayland Walker at the hands of 8 Akron , Ohio police officers has been released!

According to CBS News, footage was released to the public on Sunday, providing intricate details of the horrific traffic stop turned fatal. As we previously reported officers had attempted to pull Jayland over at the time, as he continued to flee the scene before exiting his still moving vehicle.

The 8 unidentified officers state that they had feared that the 25 year old had been preparing to open fire, following claims that a shot was initially released from his car. Despite claims that Jayland had reached for his waistband after fleeing his vehicle, it has been confirmed that he was unarmed at the time when officers unleashed a total of 90 rounds of bullets, 60 of which hit his body in various areas. Investigators state that a handgun and loaded magazine alongside a wedding ring was discovered inside of Jayland’s vehicle after his lifeless body was handcuffed.

Chief Steve Mylett appeared in a news conference on Monday detailing the incident that he described as a “a routine traffic stop to now a public safety issue.” He says that after watching the footage numerous times it is hard to distinguish but it appears that in a still photo Jayland was, “going down to his waist area.” Mylett says another still photo shows him turning towards an officer and a third picture “captures a forward motion of his arm.”

Jayland was pronounced dead at the scene with more than 60 wounds found on his body. Officials state that there has yet to have been a confirmed number of rounds that were released by the officers in question. There is an investigation underway to determine all factualities of the incident consisting of 7 white officers and one black.

He continues in saying each officer firing at someone has to be “ready to explain why they did what they did, they need to be able to articulate what specific threats they were facing … and they need to be held to account.” Mylett also states that he is withholding judgment on the officers actions until their statements are forwarded. He shares that they are all “fully cooperating” with the investigation.

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