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ICU Nurse That Caused Fatal Los Angeles Car Crash Killing 6 People Held On $9M Bail, Possibly Facing 90 Years In Prison!

-Tamara’Shanay- Cousins! A Texas ICU nurse has officially been charged following the fatal car crash that claimed the lives of 6 Los Angeles residents, including a pregnant mother and her 1 year old son! According to reports from NBC news, Nicole Lorraine, 37 has been charged with 6 counts of murder, five counts of vehicular […]

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Health Care Coverage to be Offered to All Undocumented Immigrants in California

-Jasmine Dyer- Cousins! California is now the first state to offer free healthcare for all undocumented low-income immigrants!  On Thursday, Gov. Gaven Newsom signed a $307.9 billion operating budget to make all illegal low-income adult immigrants eligible for California’s Medicaid program by 2024, reports The Associated Press.  The program will provide state-funded health insurance to […]

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24-Year-Old UPS Driver Passes Out In Delivery Truck, Dies From Suspected Heat Stroke!

-Jasmine Dyer- Cousins! An UPS driver tragically died after he collapsed in his vehicle from an apparent heat stroke while delivering packages in Southern California! On Saturday, Esteban Chaves Jr. – also known as “Stevie” or “Lil’ Stevie” – of Downey, Ca. was delivering his final package in the Pasadena area when he collapsed in […]

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Black Couple And Clothing Boutique Owners Set To Recieve $150K Following Viral Racial Profiling Incident!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! Following a viral confrontation in their own store with an officer, a Black couple is set to cash out after winning a racial profiling suit! According to KTVU the town of Tiburon has agreed to pay $150K to the couple in efforts of settling the issued suit. Last year, they sued for […]

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California Residents Could Get $400 Under New Gas Tax Rebate Proposal!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! Gas prices are skyrocketing across the nation, but lawmakers are proposing a plan that will give back to California residents! In a recently issued announcement, California lawmakers have proposed a $400 gas rebate for every state taxpayer because of the increasing gas prices.  According to NBC BayArea, “Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Irvine) and […]

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Student Wears KKK Costume to High School As A Dare For Reportedly Four Periods Before Administrators Notice!

-Avier Wanjou Brass- Cousins! The Bay Area is one of the most diverse cities in the country. With so many cultures and races, it’s like a multitude of countries combined into one. However over the last two years, with the increasing race intentions and the lack of ignorance. There is no surprise that a student […]

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California Makes History As The First State To Ban Nonconsensual Condom Removal!

-Kierra Wilson-  Cousins! California has recently become the first state to expell stealthing, which is a term defining “nonconsenual removal of a condom during sex.” Governor Gavin Newsom signed the law making it a civil offense under the state of California, when removing a condom without your partner’s consent. According to NPR, State Assembly member […]

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California Will Require Public Schools And Colleges To Provide Feminine Products For Free!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass- Cousins! A new legislation is being formed and it stems from the 2017 law requiring low-income schools to provide students with free feminine products! It looks like governor Gav. Newson has been on a roll lately since his recent recall election. The governor signed a dozen bills in place, including ethnic studies being […]