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New York City To Launch 24/7 Speed Cameras Beginning Aug. 1st!



Law officials in New York City are turning up the heat in the streets with a newly proposed system of setting up 24 hour around the clock speed cameras!

According to NBC New York , the city is preparing to turn on the already planted 2,000+ cameras on Monday, August 1st. It has been stated that the cameras usually only function between the hours of 6AM-10PM, reportedly missing 59% of traffic fatalities.

The new state law was signed last month by Gov. Kathy Hochul to approve the cameras to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A citywide day of awareness was held on Wednesday giving residents a heads up on what’s to come.

“New Yorkers deserve to be safe on our streets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and keeping our cameras on is a critical step in that direction,” states Mayor Eric Adams. “Speed cameras work: They save lives, reduce speeding, and help protect New Yorkers all across the city. And we are expanding this proven program to ensure that New Yorkers have that protection at any time of any day.”

It has been indicated that speed cameras are said to slow down speed by nearly 72%.

Cousins, are you here for the new law, which other cities you think need 24HR speeding cameras ?

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