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Manhattan Makes History Voting For Their Very First Black District Attorney Into Office!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Black man magic in Manhattan was on full display, as Civil rights lawyer and former federal prosecutor, Alvin Bragg became the very first black district attorney!

The NY Post reports the 48-year-old won the borough easily, gliding over Republican challenger Thomas Kenniff to clinch the top spot with about 84 percent of the vote.

Current District Attorney Cy Vance is retiring and will be passing on the torch to Bragg in January. The former federal prosecutor is ready to take on lingering high-profile investigations involving former President Donald Trump.

He is already making moves and promised to bring about significant cultural changes while sitting in the D.A. chair.

Bragg will “de-prosecute certain low-level offenses, including resisting arrest, trespassing, and fare evasion. The lawyer was very transparent throughout the race and also shared he grew up in Harlem, during a time when there was a widespread of crime throughout the ’80s.

It was his interactions with law enforcement that left an impact on him. An officer pointed his gun at then 15-year-old Bragg’s face and falsely labeled him a drug dealer. His younger self, like many youths just like him, was simply running an errand and getting groceries for his dad and complaint was filed. 

Bragg has led an outstanding career to get to this moment. He shared more memories and the sense that he doesn’t take the opportunity he earned lightly, telling the media “Those are my stories, but the important thing is that they are our stories. They are lots of people’s stories, and I think taking those stories and metaphorically, those people, with me to the D.A. ‘s office is important in a symbolic way but also deeply meaningful in a very practical way.”

Cousins! Join us in clapping it up for District Attorney Alvin Bragg 👏🏾 How do you feel about the election of an African-American to the D.A.’s Office? Comment below!

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