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Amazon Flex Drivers Sue Company For $350 Million After Being Shot On The Jon, Says They Weren’t Provided Reflective Safety Vest!



A pair of Amazon Flex drivers have forwarded a hefty lawsuit following a tragic shooting incident that has left them both traumatized and one paralyzed!

According to Fox News Atlanta, attorneys for both Georgia drivers Lawyer Denson and Eduardo Gutierrez argue that Amazon did a poor job of protecting them. As neither of them were provided a company vehicle, Amazon-branded materials or safety garments to deliver packages.

The incident took place back in January within the Fulton County area. The men were shot minutes apart by Kenotae Guthridge. He revealed to police officials that he shot the drivers thinking they were robbers because he had already been notified that his packages were delivered.

Density has been left paralyzed following the unfortunate incident. He says his life is completely different now. Gutierrez reveals that he was shot a total of 5 times.

Reports from Amazon’s website states that Flex drivers do not receive uniforms or marked vehicles. However safety vest are reportedly available to them.

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