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Got Milk? Or Got Sealant?: 12 Alaska Elementary Students Served Floor Sealant Instead Of Milk; Staff State It Was An Accident!

-Eldica StEwart-


Around a dozen elementary students alongside two adults, experienced being served floor sealant instead of milk at a daycare Summer program in Alaska!

The incident happened at a daycare program named Sit’ Eeti Shaanax-Glacier Valley in Junaeu, Alaska, as several students complained of having a burning sensation in their mouth and throats.

The group were served the floor sealant during their breakfast meal, as the food that contained milk had been compromised. The milk was provided by a contractor and served by staff. When some of the children complained of the milk and its bad taste, staff proceeded to examine the milk further.

The school district and contractor personnel then discovered a container label that resembled the exact one of the milk’s containers. The milk and the floor sealant were confirmed as being in proximity of one another, both described as having the same consistency: white, milky substance inside of the same cardboard box.

( 📸: Juneau Empire )

NBC New York news states that both the milk and the floor sealant were in a storage site off the daycare campus, and that the sealant is “odorless” and has no” chemical smell”.

Superintendent Bridget Weiss mentioned they are unsure how this could have happened, meanwhile both substances were in the same pallet. An active investigation is being made to determine why a chemical was stored in the same area as the food products.

Since then, poison control officials have been contacted, as well as each student’s parents. Two of the children at the daycare were picked up from school and were seen by medical professionals, with another child currently being treated. They are said to have experienced upset stomachs. Reports read that other students have shared no complaints and are feeling well since the incident.

Junaeu, Alaska police are leading the investigation, because of the mix up between the liquid they do believe it was an accident with no malicious intent.

“..not really because we believe there’s anything criminal or mal-intent at this point, but we do want a thorough investigation of what happened, how it happened, and they’re trained investigators,” said Juneau, Superintendent Bridget Weiss.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this “mistake”


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