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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Responds To Teachers & Students Outcry For Remote Learning Following Record Low Attendance “The Safest Place For Our Children To Be Is In School”



Students alongside school officials from numerous cities and states have been extremely vocal of their wants for remote learning following circulation of the Omicron variant. However the average state official is doing anything but budging at the thought of it!

According to NBC News New York, Mayor Eric Adams has recently stated that NYC public school will remain open with the minimal option of exploiting virtual learning only for students that test positive for covid.

Despite the increase of pressure from parents and school official, Mayor Adams is making himself pretty clear that no other option is even being discussed at this time.

I don’t want anyone to get this mixed up. Our schools are going to remain open. We’re not going to do anything that’s going to stop our children from coming into schools.”

My administration determined Day 1 we were not closing our schools.”

His statement has shocked many especially after students and teachers conducted a citywide walk out in protest of effective protocols being set in place against the Omicron variant.

Sources have confirmed that since the recent holiday break of Christmas and New Year’s, attendance has been at a record low.

Mayor Adams responds, that it is his belief that school is the safest place for children to be. However he believes, “we do have to be honest that there’s a substantial number of children, for whatever reason, parents are not bringing them to school.”

Cousins! Do you believe remote learning should be back in effect until the pandemic is over-over or should students and teachers remain in the classroom?

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