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Colorado Mom Calls Out Daughter’s Former Middle School After Discovering She Was Secretly Invited To Join A LGBTQ+ Club!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


A Colorado mom has put her daughter’s former middle school on blast, claiming they invited her to a secret LGBTQ+ club!

Erin Lee has called out a middle school for creating a private LGBTQ+ club and talking to students about LGBTQ+-related issues. She claims her daughter was invited to the Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) club, and students were told not to share anything from the club meetings with parents, reports Yahoo!.

During a sat down with conservative magazine, The New American Magazine, Lee reveals some shocking details surrounding the secret club. According to the concerned mother, her daughter was told that if she was not comfortable in her body as female, then she was transgender.

“She explained to my daughter that if she is not 100% comfortable in her female bodybuilders, then she’s transgender,” Lee said. “She then told the kids that parents aren’t safe and that it’s OK to lie to them about where they are in order to attend this meeting.”

Also, Lee alleges that her daughter was invited to the club last May by her art teacher, and staff members maintained that heterosexuality is not normal. Plus, suggesting parents are not secure confidants for their children.

“She doubled down that parents aren’t safe,” Lee said. “[and] that heterosexuality and monogamy are not normal.”

The New York Post reports, Parents Defending Education (PDE), the national grassroots organization, has identified the art teacher as Jenna Riep. When Lee’s daughter was in attendance, Kimberly Chambers was the guest speaker. Chambers is also the director of SPLASH Youth of Northern Colorado, a substitute teacher, and a member of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment.

Allegedly, since the controversy began, Chamber spoke with school officials “about doing a well-child check or whatever is within the policies of the school,” when Lee’s daughter stopped attending school. Emails between Chambers and Riep expressed concerns about the girl’s well-being because of the objections from Lee for the club.

According to Lee, her daughter is now attending a private Christian school and is “doing much better.

Cousins, what do you guys think? Did the middle school overstep its boundaries?

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