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Middle School Teacher Removed From Classroom After Teaching Her Students Trump Is Still President!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


A California teacher was relieved of her middle school duties once it was discovered she taught her students Trump is still the President!

YAHOO reports the history teacher didn’t stop there. She was in full swing, molding the young minds she taught, and telling them “Hunter Biden, for example, is doing deals with China and Ukraine where he was funneling money illegally. He also had child pornography on his laptop. He was having sexual intercourse with his own niece.”

The recording also exposed her teaching children, “if you have a baby in the hospital, they don’t want to give it back if you’re not vaccinated. This is a complete power control threat.”

The Anacapa Middle School’s misinformed educator, expressed “deep remorse” for her ‘customized lessons’. A concerned mother is left grappling with “….why? Why does that need to be said in this classroom full of children? I trusted her to teach him the facts about history and she went off on this rant like a preacher on a pulpit.”

The upset parent knew something wasn’t right when after the history teacher’s class, her 8th grader took a strong anti vaccination stance. Thinking he was spilling tea, asking if she knew Trump was still President. The son currently has a damaged relationship with his father as a result of her tutelage. He believes teachers know everything and his parents are the liars.

The misleading educator remains employed by the Ventura Unified School District and many parents are not having it. They would like more to be done other than receiving promises of more vigilance with staff, from the establishment. 

Cousins, what would you do if your child came home convinced Trump was still President cause their history teacher said so? Comment below!

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