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New Jersey High-School Football Team Has Playoff Game Cancelled After Hazing Allegations Surface!

-Brittany Hennis-


One of the many top New Jersey high school’s Wall Township High School, had to cancel their playoff game due to recent allegations of hazing and sexual assault!

CBS, reports that the hazing allegations have led to the suspension of some high school employees.

According to a letter by superintendent Dr. Tracy Handerhan, the school immediately contacted law enforcement and “appropriate state agencies” upon hearing an anonymous rumor concerning hazing on the team.

Among the allegations included, an older player had pinned a younger player down and threatened to sexually assault him, a video of which had allegedly circulated. The allegations have since led to some school employees being placed on administrative leave. The New Jersey Education Association teacher’s union confirmed CBS New York that said individuals have been assigned an attorney.

According to Daily Mail, not only were the playoffs cancelled but a few coaches were placed on leave. The scandal involving six older players who surrounded a younger teammate, pinned him down with a broomstick handle with the intent of sodomy.

A spokesperson from the New Jersey Education Association confirmed on Thursday, that three more coaches have been placed on administrative leave. Several parents handed to authorities a video that reportedly shows six older players holding down their younger fellow teammate with a broomstick handle inside the locker room, as the terrified child pleads with them to stop.

Sources says that the recording does not explicitly show sodomy, but parents are claiming that was the intent in the video. After the allegations were raised, the board of education immediately contacted law enforcement and appropriate state agencies. Parents are also stating claims that the coaches were fully aware of the hazing culture and harassment present within the team and failed to report the assaults to authorities.

As the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office handles the investigation, there has been several numbers of students who have voiced their opinion regarding the situation.

“The kids that definitely did it, that get accused of it, and the proof comes back that they did it. They definitely should get consequences, but the seniors and everybody whose season could be in trouble, in my eyes”

“I hope everybody takes into consideration the victim and keeps the victim in their mind, first and foremost. Maybe refrain from all the comments and the rumors going around.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this incident?

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