Black Woman Murdered By Baytown, Texas Police Officer Caught On Tape!

Baytown, Texas Police officials are currently investigating a confrontation between an officer and woman that turned deadly on Sunday night.

According to #EssenceMagazine ; the victim has been identified as #PamelaTurner , 44. Sources have indicated that Turner was shot and killed by an approaching officer after an immediate confrontation. Turner was well known in her community; her neighbors state she suffered from a mental disorder of some sort but believe she was extremely harmless.

Cell phone footage has surfaced; capturing the entire ordeal. It is believed that she was targeted due to numerous prior warrants that were left unaddressed. No accompanying information has been forwarded of the shooting officer’s identity. He has only been described as being an 11 year veteran of Latino descent. Within the video you can hear Turner scream “ I’m pregnant” , before she was murdered. The officer continued to tussle with Turner. The officer is stated to have used deadly force after Turner tased him with his own taser but only after he tased her first. He then released multiple shots into her body once he saw Turner was left not fazed. Turner was declared dead on the scene.

Though an autopsy report hasn’t yet been forwarded; Baytown, Police Lieutenant Steve Dorris states that Turner wasn’t pregnant

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