Ayesha Curry Opens Up About Struggling With Not Feeling Accepted In The Black Community!

Beloved mom, devoted wife and exceptional Chief #AyeshaCurry has been enduring a real old school social media beat down this past month after expressing her feelings on the #RedTableTalk of being a wife to an all star athlete. Usually we don’t chime in because we want you guys to articulate your own organic reactions and opinions. However; we have to all keep in mind public figures are human beings with feelings as well and should be able to express themselves freely. Instead of judging one another we should seek understanding. 


According to #NewsOneAyesha opened up about another issue she faces; shedding light on racial identity and the struggle she personally endures with teaching her children. Within a working women’s magazine; Ayesha tells how she was born and raised in #Canada; her parents belonging to  Chinese, Jamaican and Polish descendant. “Everyone was from a place other than Canada and that’s how you identified yourself, not black or white. I identified as Jamaican because that’s where my mom came from. In the states I’m simply ‘black.’”


Ayesha explains how her daughters are currently struggling with their blackness. “They’re fair in complexion, and they’ve said: ‘I’m not Black; look at my skin.’ And I said: ‘No, no, no. You’re a Black woman. You have melanin. It’s part of who you are. Our descendants are from Africa. This is what that means.’ It’s been a journey teaching them that, and that Black comes in many different shades.”

Ayesha also battles with feeling welcomed and accepted by her own people at times ;  “My own community needs to embrace everyone better. Sometimes I feel like I’m too Black for the white community, but I’m not Black enough for my own community. That’s a hard thing to carry.”

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