Dr Sebi’s Daughter Kellie Bowman Advocates For Her Father To Be Honored With His Own National Holiday!

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( 📸: Kellie Bowman’s Instagram )

Cousins! Dr. Sebi’s daughter is currently working to have her late father honored with his own national holiday following his decades’ worth of work in holistic healing!

According to reports from Black Enterprise, celebrity nurse Kellie Bowman is determined to have her father’s extensive legacy recognized.

Kellie is actively utilizing her passion for mind and body connection passed down to her by her father, to transform lives. In an interview with Black Enterprise, Kellie shares her plans of blending holistic well-being to help empower people to make informed choices for their health.

While reflecting on the current state of society in regard to how far people have come in educating themselves in connection to wellness, Kellie explains how important it is for the new generation to pay homage to pioneers.

“I think a lot of people missed that point with my father it wasn’t the herbs that we saw out of him. It was the commitment to his self,” says Kellie.”Even when they were down on him. Early in the ’70s and ’80s, it was not popular to be a vegan or talk about sea moss, but he was doing it.”

Kellie has also shared that she is working closely with Nick Cannon for the highly anticipated Dr. Sebi documentary. The project is set to provide further insight into Sebi’s work in health and wellness throughout the years. She vows to make sure the documentary sees the light of day.

As the owner of Sebi’s Daughters LLC, Kellie shares that she is passionate about using her platform to encourage clean eating, mental wellness, and healing.

Cousins, be sure to check out Kellie’s recent interview for further insight into her current projects and more ⬇️

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