Darius Jackson Denies Abusing Keke Palmer; Shares Audio Of Sharon Palmer Seemingly Threatening To Put A Bullet In His Head!

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Cousins! Following last week’s reports of Keke Palmer filing for sole custody of her son Leo and a restraining order against her now ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson; he has officially come forward to deny all allegations of abuse while sharing claims of his own!

According to TMZ, Darius has come forward to speak on his and Keke’s issues. He says that they had gotten into an argument earlier this month regarding custody of their son.

Darius claims that he had texted the actress about wanting to take Leo to a football game and that when he arrived at her house to get him, the infant wasn’t there. From there Darius says that the two began to argue and that Keke allegedly contacted her mother on the phone and she cursed him out.

TMZ reports that within shared audio Darius can be heard asking “Where is my baby?” as Sharon seemingly threatens him.

Within shared photos from security cameras within Keke’s home, Darius can be seen tussling with her over the back of a couch.

Darius says that he didn’t assault her while admitting that the police did come and that they didn’t find any probable cause so they were unable to arrest him for domestic violence.

In regard to Sharon’s choice of words hurled at Darius, his mother Yhinyer contacted her in saying, “Hello Sharon How are you? I have tried not to get involved in my son’s personal business, but I heard that you are going to put a Bullet in my sons head??? Well, then now we have to involve the authorities, because you don’trespect or value yourself.”

She adds, “You might have to kill all of us. I will file a police report on you.”

Sharon responded to Yhiner’s text also. “Please do not contact me with this ridiculous childish behavior your son choked his own sister, deal with his anger issues, if he attacks my daughter in her own own where she pays the bills he is trespassing and anytning can happen so he should stay away.”

She continued, “You should be very ashamed to have raised a man who fights women.”

Keke has received temporary custody of their son Leo while both she and Darius await a court hearing scheduled for December 5th.

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