Former Louisville Police Officer That Fatally Shot Breonna Taylor, Investigated For Pointing Gun At A Suspect In Recent Arrest!

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Cousins! A Former Louisville police officer who was previously fired for his role in the tragic death of Breonna Taylor, is being investigated following a recent arrest!

According to AP News, an eyewitness says that Myles Cosgrove purposely rammed into a suspect’s truck on Monday, October 16th, where he then pointed his firearm at a suspect.

An eyewitness to the says he believes Myles initiated the collision.

“He hit him pretty hard,” says Jackie McCormack to The Courier Journal. “He just straight rammed him.”

Myles and another local sheriff declare that the collision was accidental and that his actions were justified. Together they claim that he was approached by “at least five angry people after the crash.”

Reports read that Myles who currently works as a Sheriff’s deputy, had been responding to an alert of a stolen flatbed trailer traveling to another county within a mobile home subdivision.

Carroll Sheriff Ryan Gossers said during a news conference on Thursday that the owner of the flatbed had discovered it attached to the suspect’s truck.

“That was completely an accident,” he said.

Sheriff Ryan explains that after the collision Myles drew his firearm and pointed it toward the suspect, who is noted as being white. Myles is said to had also pointed his gun at others who were moving toward him “in an aggressive manner.”

Sources state that another responding officer noticed a “crowd of individuals screaming and causing a disturbance.”

The alleged stolen trailer was later discovered by police in a nearby area.

According to AP News, Myles was terminated by Louisville police in 2021 for violating the use of force policies and his role in the 2020 murder of Breonna. He was hired as a sheriff’s deputy earlier this year back in April.

Despite his controversial hire which led to a protest, Sheriff Gosser says that he was granted employment based on his character.

“He is polite and courteous with the public and gets along with his peers; and he is a problem solver who exhibits professionalism and excellent judgment .”

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