Mo’Nique Explains Why She Calls Her Husband Sidney Hicks Daddy, “Because He Is Raising Me”

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Cousins! While recently appearing on Bernie Mac’s daughter Je’Niece McCullough’s podcast, Mo’Nique explained in detail why she calls her husband “Daddy”

The actress and comedian expressed that her husband of seventeen years has fulfilled many areas within her life. “My husband, my best friend, my brother, he’s had all these hats.”

Mo’Nique explains, “And, a lot of Black women would say, ‘Why do you call him Daddy?’ Because he’s raising me. He’s raising me. My father probably stopped giving me what I needed when I was around 13 years old.”

“So, now you got a woman that’s 13, and now I’m 35, and now I got a bunch of money, what we considered to be a bunch of money, let me just be real clear about that, and now I got this money and now, I’m taking care of everybody. Who’s gonna check me, Boo? Who’s gonna make me grow up?”

The 55 year old says that Sidney has never raised his voice at her, that instead he will communicate when something is unacceptable.

It was my husband that grew me up,” she says Mo’Nique. “And even at 55 years old, there are still times when he has to say, ‘C’mon, let’s talk,’ and I’m grateful for that because it makes me a better mother. It makes me a better friend. It makes me a better entertainer.”

Though this isn’t the first time Mo’Nique has spoken on calling Sidney “Daddy”, her recent comments have caused major conversation online. Be sure to check out what social media users had to say below ⬇️

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