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Blac Chyna Advocates For People To Get Vaccinated In Order To Board Flights!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


She’s over it AGAIN! Black Chyna spoke to the media on Thursday, while leaving an airport. She made it clear that if you are still currently unvaccinated, then you need to “get it together!”

BET reports Black Chyna seems to be feeling the impact of COVID-19 whenever she travels. She shared her thoughts on video during an impromptu conversation with a paparazzo recently, saying “It took me, like, almost two hours in the line to even get to TSA. It’s too much. People need to go get vaccinated and just start thinking about everybody else. This sh*t is annoying. It’s even harder for people to work. Like, come on. Get it together.”

When asked by paparazzo “..Is it about time that the federal government mandates vaccines to fly.” To which the reality star replied with certainty “Yeah, absolutely…. I agree, I agree.”

She added that people who aren’t vaccinated are “super inconsiderate. People need to speak up. Time to get that mandate poppin’. And don’t shoot the messenger,” she said while holding up peace signs.

She went on to agree she does have anxiety and showed off her protective layers she wears while flying, which covers her actual outfit. The socialite wrapped up, expressing concern for King (her son with former partner Tyga) having to test once a week and felt it was too much. 

Blac Chyna hit the headlines in October when she was approached at the airport and asked for a photo by an adoring fan. She felt compelled to passionately plea with the public to get vaccinated.

Cousins! How do you feel about Blac Chyna agreeing with wanting mandated vaccines in order to fly?

Share your feelings below!

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