Actor Pooch Hall Drops Truth Bomb About His Role As Derwin Davis On Hit TV Series “The Game”


It may have been 14 years since the legendary series #TheGame first debuted on television but the show’s legacy has proven within itself to last the test of time!

From the storyline, shocking moments and unlimited laughs nothing compares to each of the characters journey and the actors that helped them come to life. Especially one of the greatest and most complicated love stories of Derwin “ Ding Dong” Davis and Melanie “ Med School” Barnett “


The ladies of the #CocktailsWithQueens received a major truth bomb as they interviewed #TheGame star #PoochHall as he disclosed details of his role within becoming Derwin.

The Game served as a spinoff to the beloved 2000s series #Girlfriends as Melanie’s character was related to Joan Clayton played by Tracee Ellis Ross. The show’s pilot episode took place in between the series sixth season. Where Derwin was originally played by Aldis Hodge.


Hall revealed he tried initially tried out for the role of Malik Wright but didn’t get it and then Derwin. “Do you guys know who Aldis Hodge is? Well, he was the original Derwin, and then I replaced him as Derwin and the rest is history.”

Hall goes on to say that in the beginning there was major backlash and commentary from viewers as they accused them of colorism for swapping the two actors. He states that there was no truth to the rumors and went on to praise Hodge upon all of his numerous accomplishments.

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