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Blueface Says He’s Been Placed On House Arrest Because Of Chrisean Rock; Claims To Have Kicked Rock Out To Move Jaidyn Alexis In, “Rock is out Jaidyn is in it’s that simple.”

Cousins! Blueface got deep in his feelings earlier this week after Chrisean Rock shared a series of text messages folks believe to be of him previously begging for her to come home!

As the photo picked up major traction, the Thotiana rapper says that he not only kicked Rock out of his home for his first kid’s mother Jaidyn Alexis, but also claims that he’s on house arrest because of her.

“I’m only on house arrest cuz I took all the charges for Rock,” Blueface posted in his Instagram Story alongside a screenshot of Chrisean seemingly apologizing to him for the incident. “Y you think there is no warrant for her arrest? Y would I let her stay in my house when I’m stuck in another state and I got my BM ready to drive me with the kids? Rock is out Jaidyn is in it’s that simple.”

“The best female is gone start none personal,” Blueface said in a follow-up post. “I said no I’ll take the deal an plead guilty cuz her name is all in the work.”

He also shared alleged paperwork surrounding his arrest that forwards details of Chrisean getting into a physical altercation with a victim. “I got real paperwork f**k what anybody talmbout,” Blue wrote. “She just walking around socking people pregnant but I’m the bad guy.”

According to XXL, the 26-year-old was arrested in early June in Vegas and charged with assault and robbery in connection to an incident that occurred on May 29 inside the Palms Casino Resort.

Officials state the incident began as a woman approached the couple while congratulating Chrisean on her pregnancy she also said “F**k him” to Blue. Chrisean reportedly responded by punching the woman.

“I put Rock out for Jaidyn get over it,” Blueface wrote in his Instagram Story.

However the alleged messages shared between the former couple show’s Blue seemingly giving Rock an ultimatum to come home in support of him being at his lowest point. “I’m tired of showing what I can get done. what you gone do for me If you don’t know what to chose ima always tell you chose the money. I love you have a
goodnight,” reads the text thread.

“Just always remember this moment when
you at yo lowest an most vulnerable an I’m
not there for you or I do t cancel my plans
for you just always remember this day Im not
saying that to manipulate you in saving it so
you not crying victim when you vulnerable
an low an I don’t show up for vou
Ima always bring this up when vour time
comes,” the text thread continues.

“lam begging I’m literally telling you come an
you telling me about something else I’m not
gone wait an I’m not gone press you to
come it’s up to rock,” wrote Blue.

“I iust want vou to take all of your things an
just leave l’Il be home on the 3rd I would like
for you to figure it out by then. A you have
enough money you have enough people to
help you.”

As Blue and Rock have seemingly separated he has been spending more time with Jaidyn producing new music for her and conducting interviews.

While appearing in the Bootleg Kev podcast Blue says “I tell [Jaidyn Alexis] to this day, it’s your fault that Chrisean still exists to me.”

He explained that when he starting dealing with Rock that Jaidyn had left him and that she was his only option left.

This comes weeks after Chrisean has been out and about living her absolute best life from performances to award shows with her continuously growing baby bump .

Cousins, we can’t say this is the first or last time Blue and Rock have split but it’ll be interesting to see how things play out for sure, seeing how they have a child together on the way.

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