Former Officer Involved In Breonna Taylor Case Pleads Not Guilty To Wanton Endangerment Charges!


Ex Louisville officer Brett Hanikson involved in the BreonnaTaylor case has reportedly pleaded not guilty to charges of Wanton Endangerment!

Hanikson was present within audio conference on Monday to enter a plea upon arrangement for his three counts of Wanton endangerment charges reports TMZ

As we previously reported following the Grand Jury’s ruling Hanikson and the other three officers were not indicted or charged for the murder of Taylor. However Hanikson was indicted on three charges of Wanton Endangerment in the first degree and later released from the Shelby County Detention Center after posting $15k bail.

Reports read that Hanikson is being charged for the 10 rounds of bullets he released outside of Taylor’s door that entered other neighbors home.

If convicted Hanikson could face up to five years in prison. Sources have confirmed that he’s been ordered to surrender his weapons despite’s his legal teams requests to keep them out of fear of his safety upon alleged threats from the public.

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