Grand Jury Member In Breonna Taylor Case Comes Forward, States Kentucky Attorney General Used Jurors As Shield!


A member of the Grand Jury within the #BreonnaTaylor case has come forward to file a direct motion in Louisville, Kentucky advocating for the release of the official transcripts and records to the public!

According to NBC News the motion was filed exactly five days after the Grand Jury’s decision was forwarded.

Sources have confirmed that the motion asks that the jurors on the case be allowed to speak publicly upon the matter at hand.

The juror who would rather remain anonymous states within the filed petition that the Kentucky Attorney General #DanielCameron announced statements to the public in an attempt, “ to make it very clear that the grand jury made alone made the decision.”

“The citizens of this Commonwealth have demonstrated their lack of faith in the process and proceedings in this matter and the justice system itself,” the motion states.

“Using the grand jurors as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility for these decisions only sows more seeds of doubt in the process while leaving a cold chill down the spines of future grand jurors.”

As we previously reported the grand jury chose not to indict any of the officers responsible for Breonna’s death. Former officer Brett Hankison only faces charges for Wanton endangerment.

Daniel Cameron has come forward to state, “The Grand Jury is meant to be a secretive body. It’s apparent that the public interest in this case isn’t going to allow that to happen.”

He continues, “As the special prosecutor, our team has an ethical obligation not to release the recording from the Grand Jury proceedings, and we stand by our belief that such a release could compromise the ongoing federal investigation and could have unintended consequences such as poisoning the jury pool. Despite these concerns, we will comply with the Judge’s order to release the recording on Wednesday. The release of the recording will also address the legal complaint filed by an anonymous grand juror.“

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