Love And Hip Hop NY Cast Member Cyn Santana Accuses Joe Budden Of Dragging And Chasing Her In Leaked Audio!


Within just a few week of Joe Budden ‘s ex girlfriend Tahiry Jose forwarding claims of the abusive past she endured with him, leaked audio of his youngest son’s mother Cyn Sanatana claims he abused her also!

According to @hotnewhiphop , the 20 minute long audio consists of a conversation between the #LoveAndHipHop cast members speaking on their son Lexington and their agreement to coparent.

Within the audio Joe speaks on his feelings for Cyn while hinting that their love can make it through the differences they’ve shared. However Cyn declines and states that she just wants to separate herself from the relationship.

Sources have confirmed that the most talked about statement made within the audio is Joe stating that he doesn’t want to stalk Cyn but that he’d much rather have the conversation in person. She then responds by describing an alleged incident where Joe dragged and chase her around the house.

Joe is heard stating, “ everything that we’re discussing, I swear it would go so much different in person if you and I could talk.”

Cyn then responds, “Oh, you mean in person so you can chase me again and drag me? I’m good.”

Joe immediately denies ever dragging her, Cyn follows up by hinting he was drunk and doesn’t remember the specified incident. 

“I dragged you? I laid a hand on you and dragged you where? Where did I drag you, Cyn?” Joe asked. “You must have been drunk still, right?” Cyn responded. “No, I was not drunk. I’m very aware of what was happening. Very aware,” he says.

Later on within the conversation Cyn alleges that Joe “kicked” her and their son out of his house and has never sent them any money.


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