NFL Announces New Drug Policy; No Longer Suspending Players That Test Positive For Marijuana!

#Cousins ; it has recently been announced that the National Football League has officially made major changes to their drug policy!

The most noted change within the NFL’s new policy is the fact that they’ll no longer be suspending players that test positive for Marijuana consumption, reports Sport Center.

Sources have confirmed that the testing period will only be held for the first 2 weeks of training camp. Also that a player would have to test positive for 150 nanograms of THC as opposed to the original 35. Another important change made is that any player that is arrested for driving while intoxicated will now be suspended for a total of three games.

Sports center reports that drug enhancing regulations have made the following changes:

  • A first failed test for stimulants or diuretics will result in a two-game suspension. 

  • A first failed test for anabolic steroids will result in a six-game suspension.

  • Manipulation and or substitution and use of a prohibited substance will result in an eight-game suspension.

  • A second violation for stimulants or diuretics results in a five-game suspension.

  • A second violation for anabolics will result in a 17-game suspension.

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