New York, Connecticut & New Jersey School’s Shut Down Following Coronavirus Pandemic!

#Cousins it has recently been announced by New York City Governor Cuomo that public schools located in Connecticut, New Jersey and NYC will be shut down effective immediately; following the Coronavirus pandemic!

According to NBC NEWS, New York City currently ranks the highest as having the most resident test positive for the #Coronavirus. Sources have confirmed that there are a total of 3,000 cases in the U.Sresulting in more than 40 deaths.

As of right now there are more than 700 residents in New York that currently have the virus, majority of the cases derive from NYC and Westcheter. Reports read that two people in New Jersey have died and three in New York.

It has been indicated that Governors in New York and New Jersey have recently ruled this issue an official state of emergency, noting that public transportation is slowly declining.

Sources have concluded that New York City Public Schools will be closed Monday, March. 16th until April 20th, implemented by Mayor De Blasio. Students currently enrolled in grades K-12 will be begin remote learning beginning Monday, March, 23.

It has been highlighted that schools will remain open in between then to provide students with free breakfast and lunch.

Schools located in Connecticut will officially close Tuesday March 17th and reopen the end of the month March 30th confirmed Governor Ned Lamont.

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