Popeyes Employee Fired After Customer Snaps Photo Of 8 Year Old Son Helping Make Sandwiches!

#Cousins , I think we all can sadly agree that the frenzy behind Popeyes ever popular chicken sandwich has caused more harm than good. Upon numerous incidents of violence and even murder the stories surrounding the highly demanded sandwich gets crazier by the week. Unfortunately this week is no different!

A #Texas resident has recently been terminated effective immediately from a Popeyes location, after a video of his son working in the kitchen preparing chicken sandwiches surfaced.

According to #TheRoot ; a customer snapped a now viral video while waiting on line at a crowded Popeyes location near Dallas. Sources have stated that the customer recorded the video from her cellphone, showing the small child hard at work prepping the sandwiches with an apron on and sneakers.

“[He] was working with the flour that they …cook the chicken in… It looked like he was working hard,” She tells local news.

It has been indicated that both federal and child labor laws were broken upon having a minor work at the fast food location, resulting in the employee’s termination.
A Popeyes spokesperson has come forward to state, “the restaurant owner has terminated the employee who brought their child, a minor, into the kitchen.”

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