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Michelle And Barack Obama Speak Out Following Supreme Court Ruling Against Affirmative Action In College, “Affirmative action was never a complete answer in the drive towards a more just society.”

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Cousins! Following today’s shocking Supreme Court ruling in eliminating affirmative action as a part of the college admission process; both Michelle and Barack Obama have taken to social media to speak out against the decision!

“Today, my heart breaks for any young person out there who’s wondering what their future holds — and what kinds of chances will be open to them,” wrote Michelle in a shared statement. “And while I know the strength and grit that lies inside kids who have always had to sweat a little more to climb the same ladders, I hope and pray that the rest of us are willing to sweat a little, too.”

On Thursday the nation’s highest court deemed affirmative action programs which utilize race as a way to diversify their student bodies, as unconstitutional at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. According to Yahoo News, the decision could affect potential students, public and private colleges across the country.

Michelle adds, “Today is a reminder that we’ve got to do the work, not just enact policies that reflect our values of equality and fairness, but to truly make those values real in all of our schools, workplaces,and neighborhoods.”

Our forever President Mr. Obama also spoke out following the Supreme Court decision as he retweeted Michelle’s statement. “Affirmative action was never a complete answer in the drive towards a more just society.”

He tweeted. “But for generations of students who had been systematically excluded from most of America’s key institutions — it gave us the chance to show we more than deserved a seat at the table. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent decision, it’s time to redouble our efforts.”

According to the Chicago Sun, The Obamas graduated from prestigious colleges as they both hold law degrees from Harvard. Michelle has an undergraduate degree from Princeton and Barack graduated from Columbia.

Cousins, let us know in the comments your thoughts on this?

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