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New York City Mayor Eric Adams And Health Commissioner Advise Residents To Mask Up Air Quality Hits Lowest Point Since 1960!

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Cousins! New York City Mayor Eric Adams alongside the health commissioner are speaking out following the hazardous air quality residents have been expericing this week!

New Yorkers have noticed yellowish to orange hazed skies the last few days beginning as early as Monday June 5th. Along with a cloudy smog appearance is a faint smell lingering in the air across the city that can be described as burning wood. According to reports New Yorkers are experiencing the impact of smoke drifting from Canadian wildfires.

“This air quality event, which for a time yesterday, gave us the worst air quality in New York City since the 1960s presents real health risks,” Dr. Ashwin Vasan, commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, on Wednesday during a press conference.

He warns, “The fine particulate matter in the air can get into people’s lungs, cause inflammation and worsen conditions like asthma, chronic lung disease, or underlying heart conditions,” said Dr Vasan. “Older adults may be particularly vulnerable due to declines in lung function and weaker immune systems. Children may also be more susceptible due to poor air quality because their lungs are still developing. Our guidance right now, our health guidance to all New Yorkers is to limit outdoor activity as much as possible.”

Residents are being advised to stay inside their homes and if possible limit their outside activities as much as possible. If you must go outside it is important that you wear a quality mask to protect yourself. It has been stated that the air quality in New York City is the lowest it’s ever been in over 60+ years.

“This is especially true for older adults, people with underlying chronic medical conditions or issues with their immune systems and young children who me, who all may be at elevated risk,” said Dr Vasan. “Avoid going outside unless you absolutely have to. For people who must be outdoors, a high-quality mask like an N95, a KN 95 or a CF 94 is recommended.”

Mayor Adams doubked down in saying, instructing “vulnerable New Yorkers” to stay home, but if they “must go outdoors,” to wear a high quality mask.

Dr Vasan confirms that emergency rooms haven’t experienced a overthrow of inpatients at this time.

“It wasn’t until I went outdoors and basically said, ‘you know what the hell is this?’” said Mayor Adams. “It was clear there was something different that was happening in the city.”

“This is not the day to train for a marathon or to do an outside event with your children. Stay inside, close windows and doors, and use air purifiers,” Adams said.

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