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Scholar And Activist Dr. Cornel West Announces 2024 Run For President!

Cousins! The 2024 Presidential election has just gotten turned up a notch as prolific social justice activist, philosphist, and scholar Dr. Cornel West has thrown in his bid!

In an announcement posted to social media on Monday, Dr. Cornel states that he has plans to fight mass incarceration and poverty while guaranteeing new housing, healthcare, living wages and education.

“I enter in the quest for truth, I enter in the quest for justice, and the presidency is just one vehicle to pursue that truth and justice — what I’ve been trying to do all of my life,” said Dr. Cornel.

” I am running for truth and justice as a presidential candidate for the People’s Party to reintroduce America to the best of itself – fighting to end poverty, mass incarceration, ending wars and ecological collapse, guaranteeing housing, health care, education and living wages for all!
Join the movement at!!”

Dr. West has made a noteworthy impact within literature, political activism, sociology and even music throughout the years. He has taught at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale. He is currently a professor of philosophy at Union Theological Seminary, reports NBC News.

Dr. Cornel declares that he is running under the People’s Party. As per The Hill, The People’s Party was founded in 2017 by former campaign staffer Nick Brana, for Sen. The political party was established to help build, “a major new progressive populist party in America.”

Are y’all here for it?

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