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Chris Brown Reportedly Hit With Owed Tax Bill Of Over $4 Million Dollars!

Cousins! Chris Brown reportedly is up to his neck in owed taxes following circulated reports that he has a hefty bill of over four million dollars!

According to TMZ news of Chris alleged tax troubles surfaced on Thursday just days after he provided social media users a behind the scenes look of his high end fashion and custom owned clothing collection that mirrored an actual department store.

Obtained records show that Chris is reportedly on the hook in a federal tax lien for $2,245,561.50 as of December 2022. The government is said to have also reported that an additional $1,059,967.78 is owed . Not to mention the state of California is currently seeking a filing state tax lien of $739,067.48.

In total the father of three is reportedly responsible for $4,044,596.76 in back taxes.

It has been stated that if Chris fails to clear his debt in full the government can cease his home and additional assets; including his businesses.

Following news of the recent reports Chris has not yet publicly confirmed or denied the alleged tax claims. However that surely didn’t stop social media users from chiming in.

“I watched an interview where Steve Harvey said he had to pay $22 million in taxes and somehow he did it in four years. For that reason I feel like Chris brown will b straight lmaooo now back to minding my broke business,” tweeted one user.

“TMZ reporting Chris Brown’s tax bill is $4,044,596.76. Firstly, I would love to earn enough money to have a tax bill as high as Chris Brown’s 😭. Secondly, mind ya business,” wrote another social media user.

“Yal calling @chrisbrown broke but forget our president donald trump hasn’t paid taxes damn near ever lmfaooo. Rich people don’t pay taxes they pay bribes,” wrote another.

“Chris Brown owin’ &4 million in back taxes proves once again that Karma ain’t nothin’ to fuck with,” reads a tweet.

Despite the issued claims Chris is currently preparing to kick off the UK/Europe leg of his ‘Under The Influence’ tour beginning in February. According to the Source the 19 show dated tour literally sold out in a matter of minutes.

Fans will be able to vibe and sing along with the Grammy award winning artist in locations such as France, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. Chris also will be in the U.K for his very first headline show in 10 years.

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