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Colorado Man Hospitalized After Rat Poisoning Had Reportedly Been Placed In His To-Go Meal From Taco Bell!

Cousins! An active police investigation is currently underway after rat poisoning was oddly discovered in a Colorado man’s to-go meal from the fast food franchise of Taco Bell!

The bizarre incident took place on Sunday at a Taco-Bell located on 16776 East Smoky Hill Road in Aurora reports CBS News. It has been stated that a male customer had purchased burritos that afternoon and had ultimately gotten into an argument with the establishment’s employee’s about his order.

The incident is currently being categorized as a criminal attempt as officials investigate if the rat poisoning was purposely placed within the customer’s food.

Reports read that the man was apparently upset about the restaurant’s drink machine was out of order and was determined to get “something free.” It has been stated that the man argued with employees as well as customers within the restaurant.

He is described as a regular customer who has been the face of different issues before. He is even noted for allegedly tossing a taco at an employee.

“Right now what we’re looking at is if the rat poison was actually put into his food at the restaurant. We don’t know if it was at this point in time,” Deputy John Bartmann with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office said within a forwarded statement.

Restaurant manager, Lary Swift said he ordered three bean burritos and was given a fourth burrito at no cost.

Deputy Bartmann declares in an issued statement that around 7 p.m., the man ate the burritos and had “became violently ill,” ultimately calling 911. He is said to have been taken to a local hospital for treatment. “That hospital said they had a patient who has possibly consumed rat poison in his food from the same restaurant,” said Bartmann.

The male’s name hasn’t been released at this time however the rat poisoning has been described as extremely hazardous and could’ve killed him.

The restaurant was shut down later that evening. Swift recalls the police returning to the establishment in saying that the store’s employee’s had poisoned somebody. In response she explained that they don’t carry poison in the restaurant. “We didn’t do anything like that. It didn’t even add up. It’s ridiculous.”

As of right now Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office investigators and the sheriff’s office are reviewing surveillance footage from the restaurant as well as additional collected evidence.

“The safety of customers and team members is a priority. The franchisee who owns and operates this location has informed us that they are working with local authorities in their investigation,” reads an email from Taco Bell’s corporate communications.

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