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‘Harlem’ On Prime Video Actress Jerrie Johnson Calls Out Filmmaker On Claims Of Alleged Sexual Assault, “You Should Not Be Touching Anyone Inappropriately For Any Reason”

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Trauma Warning ⚠️ : The following content includes potentially distressing material that may be triggering to readers.

Cousins! Actress and leading cast member of Prime Video’ss hit series “Harlem “, Jerrie Johnson has taken to social media to call out filmmaker Marc Cayce upon claims of alleged sexual assault!

Within a post to her Instagram story Jerrie detailed that she had attended a movie premier and then an after party where the alleged incident took place. She claims that she was introduced to Marc by a friend that wanted to help support the continued success of her career.

“Just came from a beautiful movie
premiere afterparty and then a fellow
actress wanted to introduce me to this
filmmaker, (because she wants to see
me win) and so I’m down and she takes
me to @marccaycefilms.”

Jerrie recalls, “And I tell him what show I’m on about three times, tell him it’s nice to meet
him, exchange info and he whispered in my ear, ‘I don’t want to hurt your feelings brother’ and I said ‘My feelings don’t get hurt and why are you calling me brother, I’m not a brother?’ And this man proceeded to pinch my nipple.”

She continued, “It was disgusting and so

Jerrie also claims that another friend of hers was also sexually assaulted by Marc. “And then I told another friend what happened and she told me he unconsentually smacked her a** when she walked by him.”

Jerrie also pinpointed that she is unafraid of speaking out against any form of unwarranted behavior that is often silenced throughout Hollywood. “Listen, I’m the wrong one. I don’t care about LA culture or industry culture or
any of that. You should not be touching people inappropriately for ANY REASON!!”

Marc has been described as a well known screenplay writer and director known for the film, “Forbidden fruits,” which debuted back in 2006 and “Nikita Blues”. Also for launching the careers of actors Essence Atkins, Brandon T. Jackson and more

As of right now Marc has failed to address Jerrie’s claims his latest shared post on Instagram shows that he attended the Monday night Hollywood premiere of “Creed III”

As the story began to circulate throughout social media fellow ‘Harlem’ actresses Megan Good, Shoniqua Shandai and Grace Byers have come forward in support of Jerrie’s claims.

Fans online have also commended Jerrie for speaking up as ever so often women have been silenced when it comes down to having their personal space violated.

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