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United Airlines Employee Terminated Following Viral Altercation With Former NFL Player!



A tussle between a United Airlines employee and a former Denver Broncos cornerback went viral following a circulated cellphone captured video resulting in immediate termination!

The footage shows the unidentified employee shove and slap Brendan Langley in which he responds with a series of punches. According to the New York Post the incident took place last Thursday May. 19th at the Newark, New Jersey airport around 11am.

There has been different clips of the incident that suggests Brendan threw the first punch. It’s still unclear at this time as officials are still investigating.

It has been stated by the Daily Mail that the ordeal erupted after Brendan used a wheelchair to transport his luggage instead of a luggage cart for additional $5. He was arrested following the incident on charges of simple assault.

United Airlines has since released a statement addressing the incident. They state that they do,” not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter.”

The unidentified male has been fired but wasn’t arrested.

Brendan took to Twitter following the incident to say,  “yall aint off the hook… worst customer experience in the entirety of my life on Heaven!!!!”  He says he was assaulted by the worked and only retaliated to defend himself.

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