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Oh Baby: G-Herbo Attorney Forwards Claims That His Girlfriend Taina Williams Is Currently Four Months Pregnant!


Chicago rapper G Herbo currently has his plate full as he is facing charges upon allegations of criminal fraud along with circulating reports of his girlfriend Taina Williams being with child!

According to the Chicago Tribune, court documents forwarded by Herbo’s attorney has indicated that Taina has been identified as his fiancé and that she’s currently four months pregnant.

Sources have confirmed that Herbo’s legal team is currently requesting for him to be allowed to travel from Chicago, California and New Jersey.

Rumors have been heavy within rotation of Taina being pregnant following Herbo’s birthday.

Herbo is currently facing federal fraud charges of $1.5 million dollars. He has since surrendered and been released this week upon claims of reportedly being innocent. His son’s mother Ari Fletcher has also been named as a witness to the reported crimes.

Reports read if convicted Herbo could face up to six years behind bars.

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