New York DJ FunkMaster Flex Takes To Instagram With A Behind The Scenes Look Of His Cosmetic Surgery Removing Stomach And Back Fat!


Incase you missed it; legendary New York City Dj FunkMaster Flex has recently made a life altering decision in efforts of bettering his health by undergoing cosmetic surgery to remove the fat from his back and stomach areas.

On Monday evening Flex took to social media to provide his followers front row seats as he underwent the entire procedure.

In a caption that read, “For a while now @40dayreset has been amazing in helping me lose 40lbs! @drwerfel thank u so much!” the 52-year-old captioned the video. “Today I took a step I always wanted to try! @elitebodysculpture works on those hard areas… lower stomach, arm pit sides and back fat.”

He continues, “No anesthesia, awake the entire time! I really enjoyed it! @drtonyperkins thank u! Home now sore alittle able to go back to work tomorrow! You staff was amazing! @brittaninicholetucker x @drinksometee x @shawnarebekah DO YALL SEE THE FAT GOING THROUGH THE TUBE IN REAL TIME?”

Unfortunately the good folks of Black Twitter weren’t feeling Flex procedure and made sure he was aware of it. However like a good sport Flex laughed along with the jokes and memes and even reposted some of the funniest ones.

We wish him well as he recovers!

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