#UPDATE: Jacob Blake’s Father Confirms His Son Is Now Paralyzed From The Waist Down Following Police Shooting!


The father of #JacobBlake has recently come forward to confirm that his son is now paralyzed from the waist down following a police shooting at point blank range in his back over the weekend!

According to the Chicago Sun Times , Blake Sr. has spoken directly to the doctors in care of his son and has been told his injuries could possibly be permanent.
We previously reported that Jacob was shot by Kenosha, WI police officials after attempting to break up a physical altercation between two women.

A viral circulated clip shows two officers pointing their guns at Jacob while grabbing his shirt and then releasing multiple shoots into his body as he attempts to get in his car.

“What justified all those shots? What justified doing that in front my grandsons? What are we doing?” asks Blake Sr.

It has been indicated that Jacob’s children were in the car and witnessed the unjustified incident.

“ I want to put my hand on my son’s cheek and kiss him in the forehead, and then I’ll be ok. I’ll kiss him with my mask. The first thing I want to do is touch my son,” states Blake Sr.


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