Lizzo Shares Vegan Meal Plan On TikTok While Advocating Justice For Breonna Taylor!


Lizzo has recently shared her new journey in life as a full pledged vegan while not only revealing her daily meals on TikTok but also advocating justice for #BreonnaTaylor!

According to Today, Lizzo is currently trying out different recipes and familiarizing herself with new flavors from plants and plant based proteins.

For breakfast she has a mixture of coconut water, frozen fruit and kale or spinach based smoothie.
The caption of her lunch clip reads, “This one has kale, red cabbage, some broccoli and a slice of avocado, some white onions and some carrots,”

Lizzo has noted that she’s swapped out flaming hot Cheetos for vegan alternatives paired some humus, which she says is better for her acid reflex.

Her dinner consists of truffle-chickpea-mushroom ball with some quinoa and leftover salad from earlier in the day.

Last but not least she finishes her day off with PB&J-inspired smoothie paired with peanut butter, frozen strawberries, oats, oat milk and a vanilla protein powder for desert.

At the end of her viral video she highlights the fact that, “We still need justice for Breonna Taylor,” she also adds a number to text “demand that the officers who murdered her are arrested and charged.”


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