#UPDATE: Ex Atlanta Officer Garrett Rolfe Hit With Multiple Charges Including Possibility Of Death Penalty For Murder Of Rayshard Brooks!


Ex Atlanta Officer responsible for the murder of #RayshardBrooks has currently been hit with multiple charges from the District Attorney’s office amongst talks of the death penalty!!

According to TMZ; Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard has recently announced a total of 11 charges against Garrett Rolfe. Sources have confirmed that the charges consist of various counts of aggravated assault, including the fact that Rolfe kicked Brooks, 27 while he laid on the floor dying and stating “ Got him.”


Reports read that Howard doesn’t believe Rolfe feared for his life what so ever. He goes on to state that Brooks was cooperative within his interaction with the arresting officers which lasted well over half an hour.

It has been indicated that the other officer involved Devin Brosnan has been charged with aggravated assault as he was seen stepping on Brooks shoulder within the video. It’s also been stated that he faces charges of failure to render timely aid. Brosnan could possibly face up to 20 years plus in prison. However if he cooperates he will receive a lesser sentence.


As we previously reported Brooks was shot and killed by Rolfe during a physical altercation in a Wendy’s parking lot last week. Rolfe shot Brooks in the back after he began to flee from being arrested for an allegedly failed breathalyzer test,

The DA has highlighted that set bond for Brosnan is $50,000 and no bond at all for Rolfe. The two men have until Thursday evening to turn themselves in.

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