Cardi B Issued Warning From Federal Trade Commission For Undisclosed Instagram Advertising!

The stakes are getting mighty steep for influencers as advancement of rules and limitations are being cracked down on throughout social media. Even a few familiar faces have recently taken a hit for simply sharing sponsored posts on Instagram and not noting that they were paid to do so!

According to Complex Magazine; the Federal Trade Commission has come forward indicating that the tea company of Teami has been issuing misleading information to their consumers that use their products. Since then a direct warning has been issued to multiple social media influencers and celebrities including #CardiB.

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Sources have confirmed that the detoxing tea, Teami is supposedly a great source of natural weight loss and even treats diseases. It has been reported that the FTC has ordered the company to stop issuing misleading advertisements or they’ll be forced to pay $1 million dollars to each harmed consumer.

Teami is also being accused of paying influencers and celebrities to help sell their allegedly faulty product. It has been concluded that such action violates the FTC Endorsement Guides because an individual cannot be paid to advertise a product without stating so.

“Today, there are more than 1 million Instagram posts that bear hashtags associated with detox teas on Instagram,”states legal director of Truth in Advertising Laura Smith via BuzzFeed News. “This means that on any given day, a countless number of young consumers are exposed to this egregious and widespread deceptive marketing issue.”

It has been confirmed that Jordin Sparks, Adrienne Bailon and multiple other celebrities have also received warnings. However #KylieJenner and #DemiLovato went without warnings and did not receive a letter.

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