FBI To Launch Database That’ll Track Deadly Police Encounters; Set To Premier 2019!

There has been too many lives ruined, abused and taken at the hands of police brutality and an often corrupt legal system . Within all the news and media coverage imagine all of the stories we don’t hear about, the lives that haven’t been accounted for and the numerous families that are subjected to live with the pain of losing a someone they love without reasoning for the rest of their lives.

According to #TheRoot ; the FBI has established a data base which will keep record of deadly police encounters. Sources state the database is set to premier  January 2019, and will function to keep track of police encounters that involve serious bodily injuries, discharge of a firearm, and the use of a fire arm in the direction of a victim. The database will also highlight specific details: gender, age, ethnicity and other important demographics. As great as this database sounds, it has been stated that there will be certain limitations such as : police departments are not required to report such encounters.


So what exactly is the point; especially If “All Lives Matter “ ? Police brutality is at an all time high within the black community, against women, minorities etc. and the major problem is the fact that no one is being held accountable. Instead of building an estranged database how about we hold all dirty cops responsible for their actions?

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