Kind Hearted Woman Stabbed To Death While Helping A Homeless Woman With A “ Please Help Me Feed My Baby Sign “

What kind of world are we seriously living in, where a person will take a kind gesture as an opportunity to pounce on ones weakness?

#Cousins , we would like to take this time to send our thoughts and prayers to an angel on earth who is now at peace in heaven. We’d also like to remind you guys to remain alert and safe, especially during this time of the year.

#JacquelynSmith of #Baltimore , #Maryland well known to her family, friends and anyone she came in contact with as a gentle and caring soul wanted to heal the world. According to #NBCNews it was a cold and drizzling Saturday night when Smith occupied the passenger side of her family’s vehicle accompanied by her husband Keith Smith who was driving and her step daughter within the back seat. Mr. Smith states his wife waved towards a woman who was standing near a highway intersection holding a baby in one arm and a sign that read “ Please help me feed my baby” . “I think it was a split second decision of wanting to help somebody else. “ states her heartbroken son David Hood within a telephone interview.

As the woman approached the car, Smith lowered her window to hand her some money and then a man appeared from the shadows within the mist of the cash exchange. Sources state the man initially spoke to Smith’s husband and told him to thank his wife for helping them. As Smith and the woman tussled over the wallet, the man stabbed Smith within her torso multiple times and the couple along with the baby fled by foot. “And within that split second this guy commences to stab my wife. “

Police officials are currently scouting the intersection, passing out flyers and forwarding questions to near by residents. There have been no arrests made at the moment. Sources state the female suspects looks as if she’s in her 20’s and the male looks like he’s within his 30’s.

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