Love and Hip-Hop pioneers; Stevie J and Erica Mena are rumored to have had an intense face off, during the recording of the season 8 reunion



Issues between the two have been boiling over since the very beginning of the season. When the tug of war for the newest cast member and Latin recording artist Estelita goes in the favor of the notorious “ Sleezo “. Things immediately go from bad to worst!

Music producer and song writer Stevie J is well known for mixing business with pleasure. Long time friend and Love and hip hop #NewYork former cast member Erica Mena; attempts to be a guiding light to Estelita by putting her on to game.


Unfortunately though Estelita is clearly already gone off Stevie’s special sauce.

Both Stevie J and Mena haven’t shared any recent scenes with one another in any of the latest episodes, but when the two stage? Things got pretty ugly, really quick.


Within an exchange of insults and bickering; Stevie is rumored to have stated various homophobic slurs pertaining to Mena’s Son ( King Conde, age 11 ). Which immediately resulted in Mena slapping Stevie J. The entire brawl ended with security guards literally having to pick Stevie off of Mena. He was immediately escorted out of the building following the altercation.

There Has Been no immediate responses as to what will Be The final decisions between production and Stevie J moving forward. But rumors are circulating that Stevie will be fired due to domestic violence.

Following the ordeal, Mena took to social media; within a video snippet, to let the world know “Stevie J is a b***h, and he likes to fight girls,”.

Stevie has been reportedly banned from all events involving the cast and overall production.

We’re hopeful the rumors aren’t true, Stevie is a father of 6 which consist of three daughters. We’d hate for the #Atlanta OG to go out like that.

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