​10 Year Chicago Tot; handcuffed by police due to mistaken identity


Michael Thomas Jr was outside playing in front of his grandparents home within #Chicago; When he was approached by local Police.



Various allegations pertaining to a teenage male vandalizing the area with a gun has surfaced as of recently. It has been stated when officers arrived on the scene and approached, Young Michael he saw them and ran which lead to the immediate arrest.


#Chicago Police superintendent, Eddie Johnson not only defended the arriving officers but also stated that they did their job by following protocol. They’ve even defended their actions by stating, they are unable to conclude how old anyone is upon approach.

Michael was scared out of his mind throughout and even after the ordeal. His mother, Starr Ramsey tells local news outlets that her son was so frighten that he peed on himself. The situation has weighted heavy on this child and their entire family.

The arriving officers have received no repercussions. Michael’s Mom has just began her fight for justice for her ten year old son upon this unfortunate ordeal.

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