​The Lil Wayne VS. Birdman Saga has finally come to an end!!!

Here’s the run down; #CashMoneyRecords had initially promised #LilWayne $10 million, consisting of : an $8 million advancement to record the “ The Carter V “ and an additional $2 million for the finished product.


In a commonly well known Birdman like fashion; the record label gave Lil Wayne NOTHING!

Resulting in Wayne wanting to cut his ties with the record’s label CEO & end his contract with cash money entirely. The feud has been ongoing for quite sometime and has held its share of accelerating vicious points.

Fast forward: A few weeks ago, Wayne’s lawyer had concluded that all parties involved were ready to settle and dismiss the case. As of today not only is Lil Wayne a free man, but he got that $10 million and then some!! It has been stated that Wayne has received well over eight figures!

Congratulations Weezy F!

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