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Black Couple And Clothing Boutique Owners Set To Recieve $150K Following Viral Racial Profiling Incident!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


Following a viral confrontation in their own store with an officer, a Black couple is set to cash out after winning a racial profiling suit!

According to KTVU the town of Tiburon has agreed to pay $150K to the couple in efforts of settling the issued suit. Last year, they sued for $2 million dollars upon claims of emotional distress and potential loss of revenue, as well as punitive damages. Together the couple are owners of the clothing boutique, Yema.

The incident occurred in August 2021, as Yema Khalif and his wife Hawi Awash were working late at their store when Tiburon police Chief Michael Cronin entered and asked them to identify themselves. Of course, one of the owners refused because why would they need to prove anything if that’s their store.

“The officer should have knocked, introduced himself, and explained he was patrolling Main Street,” Awash said. “But instead it was more like, ‘Who are you? And prove yourself.'”

Reports read that the Police officers confronted the couple and an argument proceeded regarding whether they needed to provide identification to show they had the right to be there.

The confrontation ended when a neighboring business owner confirmed it was their store. A video of the incident went viral and a police sergeant later resigned. 

It has been indicated that the settlement has called for reforms, including a new citizen’s police advisory panel.

After all that trouble, they went through, it is the right thing to do. But I’m sure this will happen to other black business owners. Cousins, what do you think? 

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