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9/11 Defendants To Possibly Escape Death Penalty In Newly Proposed Plea Deal Agreement!

Cousins! An outrageous update surrounding the reported mastermind behind the tragic September 11th terrorist attack has been issued, as officials state five defendants could possibly escape the death penalty following a plea deal agreement!

According to CBS News, a letter on behalf of the Pentagon was issued this week to the families of 9/11 victims revealing that plea deals are currently in negotiation for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed following the deaths of 3,000 people.

The letter indicates that Mohammed and four other men would, “ accept criminal responsibility for their actions and plead guilty….in exchange for not receiving the death penalty.”

Reports read that Mohammed alongside four other defendants have been held by the CIA before being transferred to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2006.

For years the prosecution of the defendants has been delayed due to reports of interrogation tied in with torture surrounding the questioning of if “the evidence extracted during those interrogations is admissible in court.”

Sources state that there have been proposals issued to have the trials moved to a civilian court. However congress is said to have resisted over concerns of security and general travel costs.

The newly issued update has naturally left families of deceased victims openly outraged.

“It’s more heartbroken,” said widow Kristen Breitweiser, whose husband died in the South Tower of the World Trade Center to CBS News.

“…I thought I lived in the United States of America. I thought we were a nation based upon the rule of law. And obviously, that’s turned out not to be the case.”

Kristen has expressed that she has waited decades for the five men to face trial.

“We were told, and we were promised, that we would bring these people responsible to justice and we expect that to happen,” says Brad Blakeman, uncle to Tommy Jurgen who sadly passed away in the World Trade Center attack.

Defense lawyer James Connell for Amman al-Blauchi said in 2022 that his client, “ is willing to plead guilty, serve a long sentence at Guantanamo, in exchange for medical care for his torture, and taking the death penalty off the table.”

It has been indicated that if the proposed plea deal is approved and the five defendants receive long sentences, they will be prevented from transferring to the U.S. and will remain in Guantanamo prison.

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