Family Of 10 Reportedly Evicted Without Reasoning Despite Paying Their Rent On Time!

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📸: Pix 11 News

Cousins! A Bronx, New York family of 10 has sadly been evicted from their home after a long struggle of securing an apartment large enough for each member to live together comfortably. It has been stated that the family was wrongfully evicted only one year into their lease despite paying their rent on time!

In conversation with Pix 11, Anissa Bosmond and Dwight Page says their prayers were answered when they connected with a landlord that would accept their housing voucher. They shared that they had also promised their children that they’d never have to live in unstable conditions ever again.

“When I got here, the first thing he explained to me is that he wanted a long-term family, not somebody that was going to come and stay a year or two and that’s the reason why I moved in here,” said Dwight.

He explains that exactly one year later the landlord denied renewing their lease and immediately began the eviction process. Sadly, the family is said to have lived within an unregulated apartment building, which means any type legal action they may attempt to take may have little effect.

As per Pix 11, new legislation is underway that could possibly assist families who are undergoing difficulties as well dealing with landlords that have reservations towards tenants using voucher checks.

Family of 10 in the Bronx being evicted, despite paying rent on time 📸: Pix 11 news.

“About 50% of renters in New York City have no protection against eviction,” Legal Aid Society Attorney Judith Goldiner explained. “So at the end of their lease, the landlord can evict them for any reason or no reason or can raise the rent by as much as he wants.”

It has been indicated that the Legal Aid Society is requesting for the city of New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to officially pass the Good Cause Eviction Bill . The state budget deadline was set for April 1st however as of right now there’s been no word. The proposed legislation would make it illegal for landlords to evict tenants from unregulated apartments unless they happen to violate their lease.

There has been criticism surrounding the newly proposed legislation as officials worry that the change would create a much bigger issue for small time landlords.

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